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What Does the Embassy Do?
The Uganda Embassy in the UAE provides the following services; and this is done within the Ugandan regulations while striving to observe the International laws and norms.
Consular Services
i) Certification of Documents/Testimonials issued by authorities in Uganda
  The requirements for certification include:
uganda Original documents/certificates/testimonials.

Certified copies from:

 i) The institution/organisation that issued the document in Uganda,

ii) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kampala- Uganda,

iii) The UAE Embassy in Uganda where the document was issued.

iv) Original payment receipt from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kampala - Uganda.


uganda Passport Copy.

Charge of AED 100 for each copy to be certified, to be deposited in the Embassy bank account below:

Bank Name           :  Embassy of the Republic of Uganda.

Account No.          :  90020200008916.

Bank and Address:  Bank of Baroda, Hamda Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

ii) Notification of next of kin in case of accidents, illness or death.
iii) Issuance of Visas

General Information.

i) U.A.E. nationals require entry visa to Uganda.
ii) Nationals of countries listed below are exempted from visa requirements for travel to Uganda. However, they need to have their valid passports issued by their respective countries.
Members of COMESA: cAngola, Burundi, Comoros, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
Others exempted are:Antigua & Barbados, the Bahamas, Belize Fiji, Gambia, Granada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Malaysia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Tonga, Vanuatu, Italy (Holders of diplomatic passports only), and Cyprus.


The Government of Uganda has reduced the Single Entry Visa fees from US$100 to US$50.  Therefore with effect 1st August 2016, the Visa Fee for Single Entry is AED185 non-refundable and to be deposited in the Embassy bank account below:   

Bank Name/Address:  Bank of Baroda, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Account No.:  90020200008916
Account Name:  Embassy of the Republic of Uganda.  

The Visa requirements for entry into Uganda have been simplified, kindly apply online through the link below:  

For Diplomats, the visa is obtained at the Embassy by submitting only a note verbale and two (2) passport size photo.  
i)  Issuing of Emergency Travel Documents.
The application has to be accompanied by a police report which confirms loss of the passport. (Download Application Form B 2010/11 for Emergency Travel Certificate).

Verification and recommendation of Passport Application for Passport renewal and issuance.


The Embassy currently does not issue Passports but application forms for Uganda Travel documents and Citizenship verification are available at the Embassy on request, verifies all applications, and issues recommendations to be issued a passport without the applicant traveling to Uganda. Acquaint yourself with the sample specimen form.
( Download Form).


PASSPORT RENEWAL W.E.F. November 1, 2018.


    1. Fill in Application Forms A & B,
    2. Nominate someone to process the passport on your behalf.
    3. Pay AED200 to courier the documents to Uganda
    4. The person nominated shall liaise with the Ministry of Internal Affairs until the process of renewing the Passport is completed. Please note that the nominated person shall pay the Passport renewal fees.
    5. The Passports shall be delivered to the Embassy through a registered courier by the appointed agent. You are encouraged to use DHL, Aramex, FedEx etc. We discourage giving your passports to someone on a flight to return with it to UAE because it is illegal.
iii)  Makes observation on documents and passports issued by Ugandan authorities.
All requests for changes of Names must be accompanied by;
uganda One recent passport size photograph showing all facial features with both ears. The photographs should have a white background
uganda A copy of applicant Identity Card e.g. drivers licence, residence card and work place Identity Card
uganda Fee of AED 100
uganda Original supporting documents.
Applications for change of name as a result of marriage shall be processed by the Mission on presentation of an original marriage certificate and passport/certified copy incase one is out of the country.
Applications for change of names as a result of other circumstances will have to be gazetted in the Uganda Gazette. The Deed Poll has to be published in one of Uganda daily newspapers. Copies of the Deed Poll , Gazette, and News Paper containing the Deed must be submitted to the mission and will be retained for the record.
iv)  Registration of birth & death of Ugandans in the U.A.E.
For registration of birth, the applicant presents birth certificate from Hospital/ Ministry of Health, original passport of both parents, and photographs of the child.
In the event of death of a Ugandan national in UAE, the following will apply:
uganda Obtain death notification from hospital outlining the cause of death.
uganda Register the death with a police station nearest to where the deceased was living.
uganda Obtain a death certificate from Ministry of Health. In the case of Dubai, this is done at Al Baraha Hospital.
uganda Get attestation of the death certificate by the U.A.E Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, and Department of Naturalization and Residency.
uganda Contact the Embassy and obtain a letter of no objection, as well as cancellation of the deceased passport
uganda Return the documents to the police station for the police to issue three letters; releasing the body from hospital., embalming the body and transportation of the body for repatriation.
uganda In case of burial in Dubai:
For muslims, it requires; police letters releasing the body from the mortuary to the Municipality. If the deceased visa was issued from Dubai, the deceased must be buried or cremated in Dubai.

Christian burial follows the same process but burial takes place in Jebel Ali cemetery.
uganda Repatriation requires three letters to establish medical fitness and will check if the body had any infectious diseases. Note that a body with contagious diseases cannot be embalmed in Dubai.
v)  Verification of birth certificates, driving permits and passports issued by Ugandan authorities
vi)  Confirmation of sworn affidavits on marital status and letters of no impediment
Things the Mission is unable to do
i)  Obtain visas for individuals to travel to the United Arab Emirates
ii) ; Obtain work, study and residence permits
iii)  The Mission cannot meet air ticket costs for repatriation, legal fines, hotel or local transport charges
iv)  Arrange hotel and private meetings.
v)  Give Legal assistance
vi)  Intervention in court matters.
vii)  We cannot handle requests for special treatment to Ugandan nationals while in custody, employment and hospital provided what is being offered is applicable to other nationals in the same conditions